Special Event Permits

Enhancing Our Community

The City of Healdsburg is host to many varied special events throughout the year. These events are an important part of our community and can add significantly to the quality of life for our residents and visitors. Events can enhance our neighborhoods, highlight products and services, provide marketing opportunities, and add to our cultural enrichment.

2023 Special Event Updates

The City of Healdsburg has been undergoing an update to our policies, municipal code, forms, and administrative processes as they relate to special events. The policy and municipal code updates will be reviewed at the following public meetings:

Upcoming meetings

Meeting Date & Time Topic
Parks & Recreation Commission Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2023 @ 6:00pm  Meeting Topic: Special Event Policy and Municipal Code update with recommendation to City Council.

Meeting outcome: The Parks & Recreation Commission recommended approval of the proposed Special Event Policy and Municipal Code update to City Council. Additionally, they recommend a temporary waiver of the new policy provision that prohibits non-City sponsored events in the Plaza and fencing to restrict access to the Plaza. This waiver is specifically proposed to accommodate the Healdsburg Crush event, facilitated annually by the Boy & Girls Club of Sonoma-Marin, allowing use of the Plaza until they can feasibly relocate the event to the new Foley Family Community Pavilion once it is constructed.      
City Council  Monday, Dec. 4, 2023 @ 6:00pm  *Special Event Policy update, HMC Chapter 12.24 (1st reading) with recommendation for City Council approval. 
*Review and approval of Special Event Requests for City Partnership.
City Council Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2024 @ 6:00pm *HMC Chapter 12.24 (2nd reading) for City Council approval. 

Organizations/Organizers planning special events in Healdsburg for 2024 (and beyond) are encouraged to have a representative from your organization listen the presentation to the Parks & Recreation Commission on 11/8/23 to gain a better understanding on how the new policy / processes will impact your special event permit application submission and approval.   


Healdsburg-based non-profit organizations hosting a special event in 2024 that require City support through waivers, in-kind equipment or services, and donated staff time can apply for support by completing a Special Event Request for City Partnership no later than Sunday, November 12, 2024. Please complete this web form only if you are requesting City partnership on a special event during the 2024 calendar year (1 form submission per event requested). Not submitting this form by the required deadline will delay any requests that must go to the City Council, any potential event sponsorship, and the issuance of your special event permit (again, only for non-profit organizations who wish to request a city partnership). Request for Partnership will be considered at the City Council meeting on Monday, December 4, 2024, noted above.  

The outcome of these meetings will shape how we treat special event permitting in the future and we hope for the following outcomes:

  Clean inconsistencies between the current Special Event Policy and Healdsburg Municipal Code

  Provide clarity for event organizers that the City has “conditionally approved” your event to allow you plan your event in confidence. 

 Streamline internal routing processes for greater efficiency. 

Application Steps

  • Since the special event permitting process is currently undergoing changes, please contact Recreation Supervisor Matt Milde at (707) 431-3128 for guidance.