Can I get a credit for the excessive water due to a leak?

When a water leak has been repaired, the account holder may be entitled to a leak adjustment. Please refer to the City’s Leak Adjustment Policy below: Adjustments may be available for certain types of water leaks when there is evidence that the leak was not due to willful or negligent acts on the part of the customer. To be considered for a water leak adjustment the following criteria must be met: 1) The water usage in question was excessive compared to normal usage for the same period(s) in the prior year, 2) The customer repaired the leak in a timely fashion and can provide proof of the repair, and 3) The customer is able to describe, in writing, the nature of the leak and the repairs.

Adjustments must be requested within six months of the effected billing period and may be made to the water bills for up to two (2) billing periods based on the difference between the usage billed during the leak and water used the same period(s) last year. Related sewer adjustments will automatically be taken into consideration and sewer usage billed or upcoming SSA calculations adjusted accordingly. Adjustments are limited to one instance per calendar year. Please Contact our Utility Department for more information or to inquire about receiving an adjustment. Address: 401 Grove Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448 Email: Phone: (707) 431-3307

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