What are the requirements for reroofing my home?
Healdsburg has amended the Building Code to require that “Class A” fire resistive roof covering must be used when reroofing or on new buildings.
Reroof inspections can be scheduled for “next day” and two inspections are typically required, roof tear-off/deck-nail and reroof final. Final approval will be withheld if any of the following are not satisfied:
• Spark arrestor approved by the Building or Fire Official must be installed on all chimneys attached to any appliance or fireplace that burns solid fuel (R1003.9.2).
• Address numbers for dwellings shall be placed in a position that is visible from the street or road fronting the property and shall not be obscured by parked vehicles or landscaping. Numbers shall not be less than four (4) inches high with a minimum stroke width of one-half (0.5) inch.
• Smoke alarms, battery operated type, located in each sleeping room, outside each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms, and on each additional story of the dwelling including basements and habitable attics.

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