Can the City guarantee power because we have our own electric utility?

 As with most things, there are no guarantees; this includes the supply of electric power. Planned maintenance, birds, squirrels, weather events, and the occasional car accident can cause power outages and customers should be prepared for these events. We do provide 24/7 on-call staff coverage to speed outage restoration after-hours and our maintenance and repair programs tend to prevent many outages from occurring. The emergency Utility Hotline can be reached by calling (707) 431-7000 or toll free at (855) 755-6586.

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1. How does the City of Healdsburg get its electric power?
2. Can the City guarantee power because we have our own electric utility?
3. Who do I call if I experience a power outage or other utility-related emergency or issue?
4. How is the City preparing for the increasing threat of wildfires?
5. Will the City turn off electric power should a fire or a high-wind event occur in Healdsburg?
6. What areas within Healdsburg are most likely to be affected by public-safety power shutdowns?
7. How will the City’s electric customers know if there is a public-safety power shutdown?
8. How do I know if the City has my most up-to-date contact information, including my cell phone number?
9. As a customer, what should I do to prepare for a power outage?
10. PG&E is stating that they will de-energize portions of California’s transmission systems when wildfires occur. How will this affect Healdsburg?
11. How fast will power be restored after a public-safety power shutdown?
12. What if I or a family member are dependent upon medical devices or limited mobility?
13. How is a State-issued flex alert different from a public-safety power shutdown? What should I do during a flex alert?
14. What if I have more questions about public-safety power shutdowns?