Wastewater Utility
The City of Healdsburg’s wastewater collection system consists of 36 miles of sewer mains and 9 sewer lift stations. The sewer mains and lift stations convey residential, commercial and industrial wastewater into the treatment facility. Wastewater is treated at our new, state of the art facility (PDF).

Crews respond to service calls for blockage problems concerning the collection system and house service laterals from the main to the street line. Collection system facilities (pumps, motors, mains and manholes) are serviced on a routine basis or as necessary.

Sanitary Sewage Overflows

The City responds to sanitary sewer overflows ("SSOs") that occur within the boundaries of the City’s sewer collection system. For details of recent SSOs occurring in Healdsburg, please see the State Water Resources Control Board's Incident map.