2020-2025 Strategic Plan: Foundation for A Strong Community

VISION: Affirm and enhance our community as an attractive, healthy and prosperous place by valuing our diverse heritage and embracing thoughtful change.

MISSION: In Healdsburg our mission is to create an atmosphere of innovation and diversity that enhances the values of the community which support: young and multi-generational families, our rich and broad agricultural roots, innovative and sustainable businesses and healthy quality of life. 



Complete the Housing Element. 
Adopt the Housing Element by the end of 2022 and then pursue implementation with support from the Housing Element Work Group. 

Begin discussions about the South Entry Plan. Discussions of South Entry Plan will begin in FY 2022-23 with an outline of the process and funding needed. 
STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 02: ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIPAdopt a Climate Mobilization Strategy.Creation of a Climate Mobilization Strategy will begin in FY 2022-23. Specific community engagement strategies to be defined. 
STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 03: AFFORDABLE HOUSING Focus on Affordable Housing. Continue to pursue affordable housing developments as they fit within existing policies and continue to progress on the Housing Element for better understanding of housing opportunities and constraints. 
STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 04: INFRASTRUCTURE AND FACILITIES Continue to put resources into infrastructure improvements.Continuing with budget resources allocated based on availability and State and Federal funding being provided.

Complete the Three North Street Project.The City will move toward preparing construction drawings and bidding the project. 

Create a long-term funding plan for parks projects.A process for doing this will be incorporated in the upcoming budget process, utilizing transient occupancy tax dollars.

Identify Healdsburg Avenue Improvement plan funding. Staff plans to advance design work while we await a determination on State funding. Staff will reapply for ATP funds in FY 2022-23, if funding is not provided in this year's state allocations.

Improve water security for the community (purple pipe and other means).Staff will continue to pursue grant funding for municipal recycled water pipeline (purple-pipe) and Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) wells.
STRATEGIC INITIATIVE O5: EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE Provide for Spanish translation of council agendas and meetings. Staff will explore the cost and options for inclusion in the FY 2022-23 budget. Implementation could also be deferred or adjusted pending recommendations for DEI consultant. 

Complete outreach and develop diversity, equity and inclusion recommendations.DEI outreach expected to be top focus in FY 2022-23. Contract with Acosta Latino Learning Partnership has been executed.

Focus on hiring, retention, and succession planning. This is an ongoing staff priority as filling vacancies is fundamental to our ability to deliver core services and accomplish projects.
STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 06: PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY Adopt a humane treatment of animals clause in our contracts for services involving use of animals (e.g. goats)City staff with the assistance from County Animal Control will create a policy for humane treatment of animals with a focus on fuels management grazing.
STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 07: COMMUNITY SERVICESAlign income limits for Community Services Department's Activity Assistance Program to be the same as utility assistance (CARE program) to expand access to recreational and senior activities.Staff is preparing an analysis and will present to the Council for direction. We have aligned our general financial assistance program with CARE program's 8 tiers and we are updating our income numbers.