Commercial Building Programs and Rebates

Commercial Energy Rebates -  Lighting Upgrades

Lighting Upgrades

LEDs provide high quality lighting using less energy.

Program Requirements:

  • Projects must be pre-approved to receive a rebate and require a pre-installation site visit
  • To receive approval, please submit the following documentation:
  1. Rebate application
  2. Lighting Energy Savings Calculator
  3. Specification sheet(s) for proposed equipment
  4. Quote for the project

Rebate amount: $0.15 per kWh saved, $250 per kW saved

Commercial Energy Rebates - Heat Pump HVAC and Water Heater Upgrades

Heat Pump HVAC and Water Heater Upgrades

Space heating and cooling and water heating are some of the largest energy uses in a building.

Program Requirements:

  • Heat pump HVAC: AHRI certified, efficiency rating of 17 SEER (16.2 SEER2) or higher
  • Package terminal heat pump: AHRI certified, exceeds code by 20%
  • Heat pump water heater: ENERGY STAR® certified, 3.30 Unified Energy Factor or higher

Rebate application

Rebate amount: Varies

Commercial Energy Rebates -  Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen Equipment

For commercial kitchens and food service, there are many electric appliance options to increase energy efficiency.

Program Requirements:

Rebate application

Rebate amount: Varies

Commercial Energy Rebates - Custom Projects

Custom Projects

To offer greater flexibility and maximize savings, commercial customers can propose a customized project. 

Program Requirements:

  • Projects must be pre-approved and demonstrate energy savings

Rebate application

Rebate amount: $0.15 per kWh saved, $250 per kW saved

Multi Family Building

Multi-Family Income-Restricted Properties

Appliance replacement program in development. Please view the Commercial and Residential programs currently available.

Other Commercial Building Programs and Financing


  • We offer a rebate assignment to help manage upfront project costs. If agreed upon by customer and contractor, please complete the Rebate Assignment Form with the rebate application. 
  • GoGreen Financing: Administered by the State of California, GoGreen Financing puts energy efficiency upgrades within reach, with attractive rates and terms and no property liens. Upgrade your small/medium business or affordable multi-family property. (En español)
  • Energy Independence Program: The Sonoma County Energy Independence Program offers financing to property owners for energy efficiency, water efficiency and renewable energy improvements through a voluntary assessment. These assessments will be attached to the property, not the owner and will be paid back through the property tax system over time, making the program not only energy efficient but also affordable.



  • provides information about federal solar tax credits for businesses.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend you consult with a tax professional for any tax questions or questions regarding your eligibility for tax incentives.

For questions about qualifying equipment and technical assistance for the commercial rebate programs, please contact Efficiency Services Group at or 1-855-516-2105.

For other questions on energy rebates, please email us at or call 707-431-3122.