Solid Waste Services

The City of Healdsburg has an exclusive franchise agreement with Recology Sonoma Marin to provide solid waste, recycling and compost service to residents and businesses.

Residential and Commercial Rates 

Recology provides weekly curbside collection for landfilled garbage, recyclables and compost. Rates are based on the size of your landfilled garbage can. Recycling and compost are free of charge. For more information on rates and extra service, visit Recology Healdsburg 

Landfill Diversion 

To find out how to properly dispose of recycling, compost, landfilled garbage, hazardous waste and other items, visit: 

Zero Waste Sonoma

Landfill, Recycling, Compost Bins

Commercial, Non-Profit and Institutions

California has passed several laws on businesses and institutions mandating landfill diversion. 

Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling - AB 1826 

Requires businesses to divert all organic material include yard debris, food waste, wood waste, and food soiled paper from going to landfill. Impacted businesses can donate excess food, subscribe to compost service, or compost on-site. Visit CalRecycle for more information. 

Mandatory Commercial Recycling - AB 341

Requires commercial properties that generate four (4) cubic yards or more of solid waste per week or multifamily dwellings with five (5) units or more to enroll in recycling service. Visit CalRecycle for more information.